Tomorrow, Germany comes to SWLA as Crying Eagle celebrates their annual Oktoberfest. They will be celebrating with music, games, food, and beer all day long with specially made beer for the day. Crying Eagle will be releasing their Oktoberfest Festbier among other new releases. You will have the chance to purchase six packs of the Festbier to bring home for yourself.

The games for the celebration will feature a keg toss and a stein holding contest with various prizes for the winners. They encourage all to dress up in your best lederhosen and have a good time. Music will be provided by The Hot Boys of the South, they have a german name but I'm not spelling it.

crying eagle octoberfest

This fest is a ticketed event, but the price is super affordable for what you receive. $25 will get you entry to the event, 3 drink tokens, and your own beer stein. For $20 you will receive all of that minus the beer stein .You can purchase tickets at the door, but expect to pay an additional $10 if you do.

For tickets, head to their page.


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