Darius Rucker and his family are the new "poster family" for an apartment complex -- only problem is, they had no clue about it! An astute listener of the syndicated radio show Big D & Bubba alerted the show's co-hosts to the situation -- and they called Rucker to let him know.

Above, readers can hear the audio of both the listener's phone call to Big D & Bubba and the DJs' call to Rucker; the photo contained in the video shows the sign in question, though the contact information for the apartment complex is blocked out. The listener explains that when he and his wife were dropping his mother-in-law off after church, they spotted the sign, which advertises apartments for rent. His wife mentioned that the man in the photo looked like Rucker, so the caller got out of his vehicle to take a picture of the sign, and his wife Googled "Darius Rucker family." Sure enough, it's one of the first images that pops up.

The caller doesn't say where he's from -- Big D & Bubba airs everywhere from Washington to West Virginia -- but he did text the co-hosts the photo. They passed the picture onto Rucker, and called him to explain the situation.

"Oh my God ... Where is this so I can go ahead and get a cease-and-desist on that?" Rucker says, though he's clearly chuckling at the situation. "Wow ... That's unbelievably funny ..."

Rucker admits that this situation is a first for him. The photo, he says, was taken for a Christmas card; it shows the singer and his wife Beth, as well as their children Jack, Caroline and Daniella, and the family dog, seated on a bench, with lush greenery and palm trees behind them.

Rucker is currently working on a new album; he recently released its second single, "For the First Time."

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