Rear dash cam shows a Ford Mustang traveling on the I-10 basin bridge when it hits a small patch of rain that sent it hydroplaning and crashed into a guardrail.

Seth Hollier said he was traveling along the interstate as he crossed the basin as traffic hit a small patch of heavy rain. Most drivers slowed down with caution, but as the Mustang we see on video switches lanes he hit a patch of water that sent him hydroplaning.

Hollier describes watching the moment unfold in real time.


I watched the whole thing out of my rear view and it was kinda unbelievable like it just happened out of nowhere. It didn't seem like he was trying to speed or stop or anything.

It seemed as if it was a single vehicle accident, and we hope no one was seriously hurt or injured in the crash.

Be safe—because as you can see here, a split second can change everything.

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