The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries really wants you and me to take our families out fishing. And, they are putting the fish where our poles need to be, just to prove a point. LDWF has announced more plans to stock even more fish in community ponds across the state. It's all part of the Get Out and Fish Program.

That program has already seen ponds stocked with different species of fish. It was started during the pandemic and is seen as a great way to give people something to do outdoors that could also be done with social distancing in mind. I don't know if that was the actual plan but it sure worked out that way didn't it?

The latest offering for Louisiana anglers is one of my favorite species of fish to catch. That would be channel catfish. I like fishing for catfish because you don't really have to know anything about fishing to catch them. If you can bait a hook and get it into the pond and let it hang near the bottom, you've got a shot at catching a catfish.

LDWF will begin stocking ponds across the state on Monday and will continue the stocking process on Wednesday. Ponds in South Louisiana won't be stocked until Wednesday and those close by ponds include Girard Park in Lafayette, Southside Regional Park in Youngsville, I-10 Park in Jennings.

For a complete list of all the ponds across the state that are participating in the Get Out and Fish Program, you can visit the LDWF website. Now, these freshly stocked fish won't be good for noodling. I know some of you know about that. It's where the fisherman actually climbs in the water and sticks his or her hand in a hole in hopes of pulling out a monster catfish.

Yeah, some of the sizes of those noodled catfish are incredible but did you know noodling is only legal in 16 states? Most of those states are in the South. The only exception is the state of Florida where they have more than enough strange behavior so catfish noodlers aren't required. I

If you do plan on taking advantage of the freshly stocked ponds and Get Out and Fish, don't forget you'll need your fishing license. You can get that online from LDWF and don't forget the sunscreen and the bug spray because it's getting to be that time of year.

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