There have been people who have impacted my life. But when it comes to heroes, there is only one that holds that honor. My father.

I have been living out his dream for almost 25 years now. A radio career. You see, it was something that had interested him but he just really never pursued it. And honestly, I have never asked him why. You know what? I will ask him this weekend!

Growing up, he would play 45s on Sunday morning prior to church. I grew up to the sounds of Elvis, Hank, country, gospel, oldies and so on. Even though our musical tastes would change over the years, we could both agree on Zippo in the Morning on a local AM station in Sulphur. Good times!

I was a young married father of three before the age of 20, and I recall phone conversations with my dad. Alot of those conversations were one sided. Dad would just let me unload everything and afterwards he would respond by asking if I felt better.

I would return the favor when he started taking care of my mother when she battled cancer. When she left us in November on 2010, Dad and I grew closer. You see, Mom was the driving force behind the scenes. It took time to adjust to a life without her.

It was a tough time but we survived.

Today, Dad is a proud grandpaw of 10 and living life to the fullest. He's actually a hero to a few family, friends, and coworkers. He never runs into a stranger and his love for people is second to none.

How about you, Gator Country?

Heather... My dad and Brother! Army men!

Michelle... My dad he helped me raise my kids when their father died when they were all babies. I was only 21 when my husband died. He's my hero.

Christine... My son, Stephen, who serves in the Army, and my son, Jeremiah, who serves in law enforcement. Then there's my son, Jason, who is an amazing father to an amazing child with special needs.

Chad... My wife is mine. I know it sounds cheesy but u have to know all that she has been through (not just cancer) and to still be so positive, hard working, loving and compassionate is unbelievable. Love her immensely.


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