Featuring downtown businesses and local groups, Downtown Lake Charles will be crawling with goblins and ghosts (and probably an occasional Ninja Turtle).

Starting at Ryan and Pujo, the candy crawl will feature local businesses and groups handing out candy to trick or treaters as they safely walk down Ryan Street. Local restaurants will also be outside handing out candy as well.

Halloween candy
Jennifer Barrow

Jared Chandler, President of the Seven Slot Society of SWLA, says that the group will have their Jeeps on display for the second year now. "We really enjoyed being in the community last year and seeing all of the kids. This group just isn't about off-roading, we really enjoy being a part of our community and being able to give back. SWLA is our home, and we also want to be apart of as many things as we can."

jeep trick or treat 1

The event will begin at 4pm Halloween day and run until 7pm that evening. We will be broadcasting live on location from in front of the Calcasieu Marine Bank and keeping you up to speed as trick or treaters stop on by.

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