Just weeks before their new reality TV series begins on A&E, the word has come out that former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards is going to be a father ... again ... at age 85.

The report, from WVUE-TV in New Orleans -- confirmed only by an Edwards' family friend -- states that Trina Grimes Scott Edwards, 34, is with child.  That would mark her third child and Edwin's fifth.  (Of course, his oldest children are now in their 60s.)  The pair have been working toward an in vitro fertilization since last year.

It remains to be seen how the pregnancy will work into the Edwards' new TV show "The Governor's Wife," set to premiere Feb. 27.  (Just in case you had trouble counting, Edwards will be about 104 when this new child graduates high school, which will be fun to see because Edwin Edwards will likely outlive us all.)

Edwin somewhat famously had a vasectomy reversed in the late 1990s after marrying his second wife, Candy -- whom he divorced while in prison in 2004.  Edwin ended up in jail before he and Candy could conceive, however, and Edwin had some genetic material frozen.  How ticked off do you think she is right now?

Anyway, congratulations to the Edwards family, and yay for science!

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