A 1997 constitutional amendment that prohibits convicted felons from running for public office in Louisiana within 15 years of their conviction has been thrown out by a state judge. That means that former Governor Edwin Edwards could once again run for the state's top job.

You might recall Edwards had an unsuccessful run for congress in the 6th District in the last election. Many political pundits had suggested that if he'd been allowed to run in the current Louisiana Governor's race he could have really shaken things up. However, that constitutional amendment prohibited him from making that run.

That begs the question, " Would Edwin Edwards have considered a run for Governor in this election"? The Louisiana Radio Network posed that question to the former Governor. Edwards suggested that had he been able to run he would win, however it wasn't a job he wanted.

And then I would have to deal with all these problems that Jindal has left us with because the state is in horrible condition based upon his poor budgetary practices.

In regards to the state judges ruling on the constitutional amendment, it was thrown out because of a discrepancy in what was presented to voters to approve and what was actually added to the constitution.  Judge Wilson Fields made the ruling and his ruling is currently being appealed. He was asked to look into the amendment by former State Senator Derrick Shepard, a convicted felon who served 37 months in jail.

Just for grins, what if Judge Fields ruling stands and Edwin Edwards were allowed to seek the Governor's office would he actually run?

I have two good relatives who keep me from running, one of them is Uncle Sam and the other one is Father Time.

We will take that to mean an Edwards for Governor campaign in the future is highly unlikely.


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