A lot is said about when Christmas decorations go up in stores, and I agree, it’s earlier this year. It wasn’t that long ago that Christmas decorations were out on the shelves right after Halloween, but this year, some stores were taking “Back to School” down and putting Christmas up. I ignored it as much as possible.

I admire folks who get stuff done early. I get some things done early, but not Christmas. I can’t see picking out decorations and wrapping paper right after the Labor Day picnic. Maybe it’s tradition, or programming; I don’t know, but in a few weeks, (the day after Thanksgiving for our home), we’ll be decorating and lighting up this place.

The Broadway production of “Elf, the Musical” is coming to the Lutcher Theater Saturday, November 12th for two shows. This musical is based on the movie by the same name that came out in 2012. Considering we’re only a little over three weeks away from Thanksgiving, the timing is great, and the Lutcher Theater is just beautiful. What a good way to “get in the Spirit”!