Before you get too excited, no, Ellen is not running for prez, but according to Ranker she's the  #1 celeb everyone wants to run for POTUS.

I've never really thought about celebrities running for president, but with Donald Trump in all of his reality TV glory running in 2016, I guess you could say there is a celeb running for president. I mean, Arnold was the flipping Governator, anything is possible.

If you could pick any celebrity to be president who would it be? Justin Bieber? Garth Brooks? Tina Fey? Kanye West? -- Wait, I don't want to joke about Kanye, because that could actually happen in 2020... asked the internet to vote for their ideal celeb president and the results were kind of surprising. With Samuel L. Jackson, Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Morgan Freeman and Ellen DeGeneres rounding out the top 5 I think it's safe to say more Democrats were taking this poll. But, I have to say, I really agree with these choices.

Unfortunately, Ellen addressed the list on her show the other day and said "Thank you, [but I'm] not interested . . . that sounds like the worst job in the world to me." All I have to say is LEO FOR PREZ 2020!

Check out the full poll at and place your vote!



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