Eric Church could be using his time touring with Toby Keith to churn out some great hits, with a little help from the veteran star.

Church tells Taste of Country he and Keith hope to write songs together once they get into the meat of their current Locked and Loaded tour, which kicked off June 30. Church said, “We haven’t yet, but he asked me [about writing with him] when we first got together. He asked me whether or not I had wrote all the songs [on my albums], and I told him I had. We hadn’t got to do that yet, but I’d love to.”

Church would certainly welcome the opportunity to take some pointers from Keith. He said watching Keith perform every night is truly an amazing experience, adding, “The first show I stood side stage, and I was just like, ‘Oh man, I forgot about that one!’ And he’s probably got 10 songs that he doesn’t even put in his set that were number ones. He’s just had that much success.”

Church definitely has nothing but high praise for Keith, even saying their careers sort of parallel each other. He said, “He’s always been who he is, [and] he hasn’t catered to anybody’s agenda but his own. I feel like we’ve built our career the same way. I think the industry, at times, have loved him and at times they’ve not, but he’s been the same dude playing the same music. I respect that about him.”

Church continues to fly high while his Locked and Loaded tour rolls on. His current single, ‘Homeboy,’ is currently in the top 15 on Billboard’s country singles chart.

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