The only person who doesn't seem all butt hurt about Garth Brooks winning Entertainer of the Year is Chris Stapleton. The other nominees? Well, they're a touch salty. Ok, their fans are for sure. We won't go into who should have won and why. I mean, it's Garth.

Eric Church, also a nominee for Entertainer of the Year, played in Washington the other night and kicked off a Waylon Jennings cover of Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way. He decided, however, to change the lyrics a bit and take a stab at Brooks.

As he's ripping through the verse, doing an amazing job as always. He gets to the last line and sings "And I know Garth didn't do it this way". Basically referring to that Brooks can't put on a show like Church. Easy there Eric Church, you're good, but you're not Garth Brooks good. Either way, the line got a huge reaction from the crowd.

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