Some days are just "bad days" and there is nothing you can do but let them run their course. Experienced one of those days just yesterday. My story.

Yesterday I had the "Afternoon from Hell!"

I come home from work to discover that the dog down the street knocked over my trash can. Nothing like picking up trash after a hards day work, huh? While soul search, planning the demise of this pooch, I stepped in hole, twisted ankle. Not fun. Hobbled to my house, made it inside and made my way to my bedroom.

My new California King couldn't withstand my somersault flip, I almost went thru my bed. Took me about 30 minutes but I did fixed it.

And my afternoon would end with me almost slicing my finger off. Please do not make me share THAT story.

You think you can top my afternoon?

Bruce Merchant Thankfully for me, you win!!

Arian Royer I got in a fight with a bottle of bleach at work. My purple scrubs now have pink spots all over them.

Sheila McGee Kinney Someone needs a bubble wrap suit, me thinks

Brandy Brady I broke my toe and u win.

Alexandra Courville 2 screaming toddlers (both sick and cranky). Top THAT.

Melanie Burleson Yesterday was my hell day skunk in garage, dog going crazy finds skunk .. Skunk found Annie (weinny dog) sprayed her .. All 5 minutes before work .. Had to bathe her and me in 5 minutes !! Animal control came to rescue !

Ron Begnaud Darwin tried his best, but apparently missed.