Since about 9:30am this morning Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all taken a dump and are currently not working. That includes all the messaging programs that go along with it. Millions of users nation, and some world, wide began reporting issues, but only being able to report them over Twitter.

Lots of users rely on the Facebook Messenger app, which relies on the same servers that Facebook uses. That app is also part of the group that is not working.

As we all wait for an update, and to finally hit refresh, some Twitter accounts are taking advantage of the situation.

For those of you that rely heavily on social media, welcome back to the 90's when we had to check for messages on our answering machines at home.

There is no true word as to when we can expect these platforms to return. There is a lot of speculation that this could be related to the recent whistleblower case that happened last week, but nothing is concreted on that as of yet. Right now, Facebook is blaming "server issues" on the problem.


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