A Baton Rouge woman caught the intense shootout with police officers on Facebook Live.

The woman appeared exclusively on GMA Monday morning to describe the situation, saying she pulled her cell phone out to record because she feared it may have been the last moments of her life.

He ended up going around to the back of the car and the officer literally on our driver side of the car, shooting over us

Soon, she found herself ducking for cover in a vehicle while police used it as a barricade to exchange gunfire with the suspect. She said she was literally in the middle of "a war zone."

UPDATE: Someone managed to record the Baton Rouge woman's original video. Be warned, there is NSFW language, gunshots, etc. in a situation that was too close for comfort as she found herself at the center of a shootout.

WARNING: Videos contain gunfire, language and is extremely NSFW.

Another video has surfaced showing police exchanging gunfire with suspects.

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