Is school supposed to prepare the student for the trials and tribulations of real life or is school supposed to be a protective environment where tender young minds are nurtured and shielded from the harsh reality outside the classroom door?

That seems to be the theme of a lawsuit that will pit a professor's right to educate her class in real world situations against the university's desire to protect the rights of students.

Teresa Buchanan says in her court filings that she believe she was wrongfully terminated from her position at LSU. Her case contends that she was dismissed because of the way she expressed her academic freedom. It's her belief that an educators job is to stimulate thinking among the students in her class.

That is precisely what I did and it’s precisely what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years of my career without issue and with some success.

Buchanan was terminated from her professorship for what LSU officials describe as abusive behavior. It seems Buchanan used vulgar language in one of her classroom lectures and that was interpreted be sexual harassment by LSU. An allegation Buchanan is now addressing in the form of a lawsuit against the university. Buchanan told the Louisiana Radio Network that this legal action was not intended to hurt the university.

My mother’s mother attended LSU, a cousin of mine fought for civil rights, he was a priest at St. Alban's in the 60s. It’s in my blood, as it’s in most of yours to love LSU.

University officials have a different outlook on the lawsuit and the issues that surrounded the decision to terminate Buchanan. The university's position is to always have the best interest of students in mind. They are obligated to protect all students from harassment and to provide a learning environment that leads to a well rounded and educated professional.

Buchanan maintains that what happened in her classroom was not harassment but a real world application of what students could expect outside the educational environment. She says the lawsuit is also about the freedom a professor needs to educate in today's world.

That’s why we’re doing this. Not to harm LSU, not to hurt but to help LSU and protect LSU and restore LSU. Because forever LSU.





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