A very pleasant and picture perfect weekend for most of the state will slowly deteriorate into a significant rain event from Shreveport to New Orleans between Tuesday and Thursday.

Current forecast estimates suggest that some portions of Louisiana could see as much as 12 inches of rain before this storm system exits the state later this week.

During the day today a dip in the jet stream will allow an abundance of warm moist Gulf of Mexico air to be distributed over much of the state. This warm moist air will be stabilized further with the approach of strong low pressure trough and adjoining frontal system.

This system is currently pushing out of the Rocky Mountain area of the U.S. and into the Great Plains. By Tuesday the storm system  should be close enough to generate a significant threat of showers and thunderstorms. Some forecast offices with the National Weather Service are suggesting that most of the state will have flood watches or flood warnings before the system has finally pushed off to the east.

By Tuesday the potential for severe weather will become likely across the western third of the Louisiana. Residents from Lake Charles north to Shreveport will be in at least a slight risk category for severe weather development.

By Wednesday almost the entire state of Louisiana will be the focus for severe weather to develop. So in addition to the potential for flooding rains there could be a risk of high winds, hail, or even tornadoes. You are reminded to stay close to this website and radio station for the very latest news and information for your specific community.