Feeling like you're losing mental focus as the day drags on? Take a bite out of these four foods to keep yourself going!

We all lose our edge as the day progresses, but there are ways to keep alert and focus on the task at hand. So, here's some food for thought, literally.

According to the Huffington Post these four foods will help you maintain mental focus all day long.

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    Whole Grains

    Eating whole grains with breakfast will help you sustain mental focus through out the day. Try whole grain cereal or toast to jump start your morning!

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    Leafy Greens

    According to the Huffington Post people who ate two servings of leafy greens every day had the mental focus of people five years their junior. So, chow down on a big salad for lunch or some tasty veggies at dinner.

    Valentyn Volkov
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    Yeah, coffee is an obvious one. A lot of people can't make it through the day without a cup of. Even just the anticipation of a cup of joe has shown to improve alertness.

    Oleksii Afanasiev
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    Chewing gum during a stressful task can help you stay focused. I know, it's not really food and you definitely don't want to eat it, but chomping down on some gum throughout the day can help you stay alert.