Brace yourself.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Popeyes will soon roll out its latest menu item and it is chicken nuggets.

The Louisiana based restaurant says that it will "be unlike anything you've ever experienced" and we are here for it.

According to Popeyes, they want to reset the bar when it comes to chicken nuggets. If you recall, they said the same about chicken sandwiches not long ago and they were successful.

So, what will make the chicken nuggets so tempting? Well, they say that their nuggets will include white meat and will come with a  blend of spices, and then hand-battered and breaded using “a special flour and batter system” before frying.

According to the press release, Popeyes will debut their nuggets on be available at restaurants across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico as of July 27.

Since the announcement has dropped, many have reacted to the announcement from Popeyes on social media and here are just a few Tweets we came across.


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