Garth Brooks was all but crucified on social media for a jersey he was wearing during a show. The Jersey showed Sanders 20 on the back. Of course, social media instantly jumped on the bandwagon saying it was for Bernie Sanders 2020. A nod of his support for the upcoming election.

Perhaps fans and pitchfork holders missed the fact that Brooks was playing in Detroit that night. They also probably missed the fact that the number 20 was worn by Pro Football Hall of Fame, and 10 season running back for the Lions, Barry Sanders. The football player wore the number 20 for his entire career playing for the Detroit Lions. Still, the internet smelled blood in the water.

Then the memes started as the issue escalated!

Most comments were asking the country singer to not get political, as everyone commenting seemed to ignore the fact that he was playing in Detroit, in a Lions Jersey.

Earlier today, Barry Sanders sent a Tweet out to Brooks.

Brooks replied in style, knowing the internet was blowing the entire situation out of context.

Why not have a Country Music legend and Football Hall of Fame legend run for office?

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