I don't think anyone would argue that the most miserable part of being a Louisiana voter is the constant onslaught of state constitutional amendments. I don't know what the most recent count is, but I'm willing to be there are more amendments than there is constitution.

Luckily for us, the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) puts out their annual breakdown of those amendments so you can have a passing shot at understanding them.

There are 14 amendments on the Nov. 4 ballot. I'm going to make a radical suggestion about the amendments that you don't normally hear: if you read this guide and you still don't understand an amendment or what you're voting for, skip it. It's better not to vote than to vote without an understanding of what you're voting on. It's part of your right as a citizen, and it's actually more responsible than just clicking a 'yes' or 'no' button just because you think you should.

I hope you're able to educate yourself and make a responsible choice.


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