Google's  music streaming service is now available.  You will now be able to stream up to 20,000 songs!


You can buy music either from the Android Market on your phone, or from the new desktop store.  Song prices range from $0.99-$1.29  per song .  An entire album will cost between $9.49-$10.99 depending on popularity.




All tracks have 90 second previews and are downloadable in 320kbps mp3 format.


You can search genres and artists. Most artists have a bio page with information on

the artist.


This is the George Strait page

George's Google Music Page






One of the sweet options is when you buy a song, you get the choice to also share that on Google+ with your friends and family.  Then, they can listen to that entire track for free from their Google+ homepage. If you buy an entire album, they'll be able to listen through the album once

Google music

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