In Jefferson Parish, there's a town called Grand Isle. We have all heard of it being in SWLA. Population for the area is just a hair over 1,200 people and gets slammed by hurricanes that come into the Gulf of Mexico. This is where the newest Nick Cage movies picks up. It's called Grand Isle and stars Nicholas Cage, Kelsey Grammer, Luke Benward, and KaDee Strickland.

The movie takes place during the middle of a hurricane as Cage, and his wife, take a young man into their home to escape the hurricane. The detective, played by Grammer, works to convict the young man of murder during the movie. This forces the man to come clean with all of the twisted and wicked stories that the married couple have to save his own skin.

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Sounds pretty interesting, right? The nails on the chalkboard for me are the accents. They are super heavy southern belle accents. Cage basically pulls out his Con Air accent and churches it up even more. I think if you forget they're in Grand Isle and just picture them somewhere near Georgia, the accents won't be as bad. Check it out for yourself and see what you think about their southern accents.

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