I have a love-hate relationship with Hallmark Christmas movies. On one hand, they are all predictable and have the same plot each time. On the other hand, they're cute and addicting. I have found myself sitting down on my couch with some egg nog and finding something to watch and the next thing I know it's some strong protagonist headed back to their small country home to deal with a family issue. They lay eyes on a long-lost crush from school to fall in love. Then towards the end, the protagonist must leave the small city and break the new loves heart. As we all begin to cry because love should win over anything, they come back together in the center of the city during a Christmas performance, kiss, and it snows. Deep down, you know I nailed 80% of the plot of these movies.

Christmas Lights (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

Hallmark has announced that it's time to add to the collection of Christmas movies by releasing 41 new ones beginning October 22 as part of their "Countdown to Christmas". Of course, we will see the usual Christmas stars in them: Candance Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, Lacey Chabert, and even Tamera Mowry-Housley is said to be in a few!

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Right now, 18 of the movies and plots have been released so far, including one about a tree farmer that hires a female evergreen expert to help him figure out what is killing off his Christmas trees on his farm. Man, I really did nail these plots!

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