Social media trends are very random. We have had arguments on what color a dress is, what color a shoe is, and does pineapple really go on a pizza? The newest random food trend to be brought up is whether Hawaiian Punch is good or not.

Twitter blew up overnight about the subject. Some weighed in that the beverage left your mouth feeling even dryer than before while others said it was the backbone of their childhood. One user even made the comment that the beverage never got colder than room temperature. Don't worry, apparently it's scientifically proven that it cannot get cold unless it is in an environment colder than 31 degrees Fahrenheit. That's right, the low juice content and tons of sugar prevent it from getting cold in a normal situation. We apparently have never truly had cold Hawaiian Punch!

It was actually not even meant to be a drink when it was invented. In the early '30s, it was made using various imported fruits from Hawaii and mixed together. It was invented to be an ice cream topping to add some tropical flair. They would make the concoction and ship it to ice cream parlors across California. The name was originally Leo's Hawaiian Punch. As it grew in popularity at ice cream shops, the shops began mixing it with water and selling it as a drink.

No matter whether you drink it or not, let's all remember the true OG beverage of our childhood!

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