We all know how hard the electrical linemen work to get power restored to a community after a hurricane. Now linemen from SWLA and all over the country are in SELA helping our neighbors to the east.

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There's a Facebook group that is helping connect those hard-working linemen with hot meals, water, shelter, showers, and laundry.

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The FEED LINEMEN - TELL US WHERE YOU ARE SO WE CAN BRING YOU FOOD AND WATER was created two days after Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana. It currently has over 29,000 members helping linemen get the necessities they need while helping our state recover from such a devastating hurricane.

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The powerline infrastructure in many parts of SELA has been totally destroyed. Just like with Hurricane Laura, it will take months to restore complete power to the area.

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There are many linemen from SWLA currently helping our fellow Louisianans to the east. We need to get the word out about this Facebook group so they can get some hot meals, shelter, showers, water, laundry, etc...

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