This morning when I woke up. I just didn't have the strength in me to go to the gym this morning. I actually love working out in the morning. It helps me take on the day regardless of what the includes. However, staying up late and watching television had me beating up the alarm clock. For some there are other reasons for not going to the gym. There are many who simply just don't have it to do another day.

Well guess what, at times I am right there with you. So I wanted to see if I could find some things that not only will be beneficial for your physical health, but also your mental health as well. According to Walden University, here are 5 things that working out can help on your mental health.

  • Exercising assist with help for depression and anxiety: Working out can help kick up endorphin level, which is produced by the brain. Just a little bit of exercising like brisk walking can assist with this and help you get off of your medication or not get on it in the first place.
  • Exercising helps to decrease stress: Working out regularly can assist with reducing stress levels. When you increase your heart rate, it can help reverse stress-induced brain damage by stimulating the production of neurohormones like norepinephrine. This is known to improve condition and mood.
  • Exercise helps to increase self-esteem and self confidence: This is a no brainer. The better you feel and look in your clothes is going to assist with building up your self- esteem.
  • Daily exercising can help you get better sleep: I know that I have this problem a lot and I actually work out. But a good routine of sweating and heavy panting can help you get a better night of sleep. You always hear about having a full 8 hours of sleep. Well not only does it rejuvenate you for a fresh start on the next day, but also gives you the energy to pick up another day of exercising.
  • Exercise can increase that boost in the brain: Exercise is known to boosts brainpower in many ways. It also prevents memory loss and more. Take a brisk walk or light jog and this could very well take the much needed energy to your brain and trigger some creative ideas and more to help create a future entrepreneurs.

Take care of yourself and find the benefits that working out can do for your Mental Health. Check out the video below on the effects of exercise for mental health.


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