Do you remember how the Burton Coliseum was ugly as sin? Many residents remember those days, but after a few years of renovation, it’s now something Southwest Louisiana can be proud of.

The thought of Burton Coliseum got me thinking of talked about eyesores around Gator Country, but with a little attention, a few dollars, and extra love… they have the potential to make a positive impact on a community!

The Old Harrah's Parking Garage

Imagine people traveling eastbound on Interstate 10. The first thing they see after crossing the Calcasieu River bridge is that awful parking lot. I don't know what to tell you about our rickety bridge, but I did have a conversation with a friend of mine who would love to put some serious money into that parking garage. He'd love to put a steakhouse on top. Many would love to just bulldoze it to the ground to make even more room for possible business opportunities too.

LaFleur's Skating Rink in Sulphur

Some of the older residents in the city of Sulphur will tell you that plenty of their younger years were spent on skates, having the time of their lives at LaFleur's Skating Rink! And if you didn't feel like skating, you could play any of their pinball machines. When it came to birthday party planning, LaFleur's topped many lists, I am sure. Now, the building just sits there, taking up space -- literally. I've heard a lot of people say they would like another seating rink there. An indoor and outdoor batting cage would be nice to have too! Bowling alley?

Little Kahuna Water Park in Iowa

When traveling Interstate 10 between Lake Charles and Laccasine, I know you have seen it. It looks like an abandoned water park in the middle of nowhere. Because it is. I am surprised a Hollywood director hasn't discovered such a place yet. I could see Fred, Velma, Shaggy, Daphnie, and Scooby Doo on a set out there. Seriously!

The Old Moss Bluff Middle School

I spent three years of my life there, but that was in the late '80s. Now it's 2015, and there is a newer middle school facility. The old school just looks spooky. The gym looks even spookier! If you are a resident of the 'Bluff and have kids who play baseball, softball, or even recreational football... you pass that old school every time you head to the ballfields. Level the school and gym, and it might opens door to a future elementary school or more sporting options.

Vinton's Rice Dryer Building

Removing the old rice dryer probably would not have much effect on the town. I guess if I lived next to it, I might be worried about metal parts flying off the top! There is a large metal building next to it. It might still be used.