They are the one person who can single handedly make the biggest impact in a young person's life. That person is a teacher.

For me, I would have to go with a man named Mr. Murray!  At Moss Bluff Middle School, his name was Leo Murray and he was the school's band director. I played the trombone at the time. His personality, wit, and love of teaching made band fun. He inspired so many students back in the day that... I can honestly say that I had never heard one negitive thing about the man when I attended the school. He was one of the reason's I fell in love with music, which led to a 26 year career in the profession I am still in to this day.

Here's some recent feedback from my of our Gator family.

Hallie Moore My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Meche, at Fairview Elementary.

Lise Foster Leo Murray in middle school, and Judie  Kohler in high school.

Monica Schexnider Mrs. Eskridge- 5th grade Kaufman Elementary.

Rene Bellard My first grade teacher Mrs. Carbello.

Jeanie Vail Mrs Kay Franklin, chorus, Maplewood Elementary and Jr High. It was Elementary and Jr High back in the olden days when I was there. Lol

Dorothy Hardy Mrs. Fannie Miller, 2nd grade, Iowa Elementary.

Karen Daigle Favorite elementary teacher...Miss Vetter, OLHC Catholic School; Favorite high school teacher...Roy LaPoint, Jennings High; Favorite Dad, Joe Baker, 8th grade math teacher, Northside Junior High....all in Jennings!