Imagine strolling into a place where the vibe is as cool as your favorite rapper's latest track, but your grandma would totally approve of the playlist. Welcome to the Hip Pop'n Granny Brunch - a feast where dressing like you're starring in a vintage music video is totally optional, but hey, why wouldn't you want to?

At $70 a pop, this isn't your regular Sunday morning pancake pit-stop. This is where you get to eat like a king and sip like a rap mogul, all while soaking up entertainment that's as spicy as the Bloody Mary's on the menu. And yes, you read that right: for 70 bucks, you get to munch, brunch, and party like it's 1999. Food, booze, and a DJ? Check, check, and check!

But here's the kicker: this party is a grown-ups only zone. You gotta be 21 or over to join the fun. It's not that we don't love the little ones, but let's face it, some jokes are better appreciated by those who've been around the block a time or two.

Now, let's talk grub. The buffet is like a hit parade of your brunch favorites: Shrimp and Grits, Chicken and Biscuits, a Breakfast Casserole that'll make you feel all warm inside, Sausage and Apples (yes, that's a thing, and it's delicious), Broccoli Salad for that green fix, Seasonal Fruit to keep things fresh, and Pecan Bread Pudding that'll have you singing its praises. Hungry yet?

Wash it all down with something from the bar menu. Whether you're a Beer buddy, Wine whisperer, Mimosa master, Bloody Mary's bestie, or a Margarita maven, we've got you covered.

And because we know that good food and drinks are just the opening act, we're bringing in DJ Jeremy Fuselier to spin the decks. But that's not all - there's Bingo for the luck testers, Karaoke for the shower singers ready to go public, and other adult games that are guaranteed to make you forget you're not 20 anymore.

So, grab your most outrageously hip outfit (or not, but really, why wouldn't you?) and come down to where the brunch is as cool as a cucumber and as warm as your granny's hug. Remember, it's all about fun, food, and maybe showing off those rap skills you've been secretly honing in the car. See you there, hipsters and hopsters!

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