Obviously, whether you liked it or not, Lil Naas X's collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus was a hit. It got tons of attention from all genres of music, got kicked off the Country charts, and re-ignited Billy Ray's career. Now, this same style of music is beginning to pop up left and right.

git up 2

Introducing The Git Up. The song is by Blanco Brown, and it's his first song to put out much like Lil Naas X. It's catchy, it has a dance, and you're going to hum it after you hear it for the first time. It really has all of the needed ingredients to be a SWLA wedding staple to play.

Blanco Brown is no stranger to the music industry, he has produced songs for artists such as Chris Brown and even Pitbull. Blanco released the song to SoundCloud, but it didn't really catch on until the video sharing app called "TikToc" picked it up. That's when the song went viral with people doing their best to dance to it. Now, the song has over 3 million streams on Spotify, and the world is starting to see it hit Facebook.

Is it the next Old Town Road? You have to admit, it's catchy as all get out!


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