The big game is this Sunday as Tampa Bay hosts the Super Bowl in their home stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs. Some people watch the game, while others like watching the commercials.

What most of you don't realize is there are a bunch of bets made on the Super Bowl that are straight traditional bets, while there are some off-the-wall bets made on the game and on specific things happening during the game.

Some of the off-the-wall bets you can make include who wins the coin flip, what color liquid will be poured on the winning the coach, and the funniest we saw was on which coach's nostrils will you see first on TV during the game. You know, because they all have to wear masks, so you are basically betting on which coach will take their mask down first.

Now, let's talk about the real money bets. ESPN is reporting that Houston-based furniture store owner, Mattress Mack, just laid down a $3.46 million bet on the Super Bowl. His bet is that the Tamp Bay Bucs will cover the point spread in the game.

Dressed to Kilt Debuts in Houston, Texas - Honoring Houston's Man of the Year, Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale
Jim McIngvale "Mattress Mack" LEFT (Getty Images)

Mattress Mack hopped onto a plane and flew to Colorado Springs to place the bet. He jumped off the plane, logged onto his Draft Kings account, and placed the bet right there in the terminal. He paid a little extra to get the spread down to +3.5 and if Tampa covers, Mattress Mack could win $2.72 million.

This is not the first time ol' Mattress Mack has shelled out some serious cash on a big league sports team. Since his businesses reside in Houston, he laid out over $11 million on the 2019 World Series between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros.

Most of us invest $5 or $10 bucks on the squares game to see if we can score $25 to $50 a quarter, but this guy bets $3.46 million dollars. Let's see if his bet pays off this Sunday.

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