Anybody can trick or treat. Do you have what it takes to face to face with a ghost?

ghost 2

I guess the first question is do you believe in ghost? If you are a bekliver you are gonna love this site. This is a clearing house for everything haunted. Did you know they have haunted tradeshows? it turns out that the haunted industry even has it's own news letter. This is big business! Now let's get back to my original question.

ghost 3

You may not be able to travel all the way to Lemp Brewery in Missouri so we found you something closer to home. The best haunted site in Louisiana is The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge. The it's The Mortuary in New Orleans. I ask about New Orleans grave yard tours and was dissapointed to learn that theyb do not do them at night. I do reccomend the ghost tours in The French Quarter. The Haunted Hotel in Beaumont is also a lot of fun. Spirits await you on every corner. Happy haunting!

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