As many of you probably thought this might be about the I10 Bridge in Lake Charles, surprisingly, its not the most "Scariest" Bridge in Louisiana...

Due to the tragically widespread knowledge of the Huey P. Long Bridge killings in Louisiana, the bridge is among the most haunted locations in my area. But few people are aware of its sordid past. The sleek industrial bridge supports a highway and train tracks during the day, but at night the ghosts of the laborers who constructed it come to life. Let's examine the reasons behind the Huey P. Long bridge's reputation as one of Louisiana's creepiest locations.

Numerous trestle workers who contributed to the building of the bridge perished after falling from the high beams they were working from.

Their remains were washed away by the Mississippi River, yet rumor has it that their ghosts still exist.

It is assumed that the men in overalls that have been spotted on the bridge's edges are the spirits of these unfortunate laborers who fell to their muddy graves.

Can you see why this is one of Louisiana's most fascinating bridges?

A few workers were reportedly entombed alive in the cement pilings supporting the bridge, according to a terrifying story.

It's unknown how they met that terrible end, but the terrible story of their deaths still makes the rounds in Jefferson Parish.

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Not only that, but Ralph Modjeski, the bridge's creator and designer, is occasionally seen examining every part of the structure, adding to the unsettling.

However, five years after the bridge's construction, Modjeski passed away in 1940.

It is supposed that his ghost travels to check every one of the well-known bridges he constructed, including the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, in an endless circle of scrutiny.

There are rumored to be other hauntings connected to the several homeless individuals who were tragically crushed by cars while trying to cross the bridge on foot.

You might be able to see their apparitions walking the entire length of the bridge as they did when they were alive if you look closely.

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On the Huey P. Long Bridge, mortality is still a major theme even today.

Drivers have reported seeing ghosts suddenly materialize, scaring them and forcing them to swerve into guardrails or oncoming cars.

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