I think what I really enjoy about surveys is the fact that people are willing to share all kinds of very personal information with you. One of our most personal of subjects is our relationships.

Some of us keep that information so personal we forget to tell others that we are in a relationship when we are attempting to start a relationship with them.

Just for fun let's assume you are just entering a relationship. You might be wondering is this relationship moving too fast? Is it moving too slow? What is average? Okay, these questions mainly apply to women because no man I talked to has ever considered having a timetable for any of these things. We males are very simple creatures.

How about that first kiss? According to a survey done by Seekingarrangement.com if you're average your first real kiss will come after your second date. Then comes the question of what exactly is a date? That's a question for another time. I think a date is again defined by the woman. It depends on if her friends approve of the guy or not. If they like him then saying hello in an elevator counts as a date.

What about that first I Love You? That usually occurs after 14 dates. If we are assuming a couple is really interested in each other they will plan two "dates" per week. So you're not really going to get those three little words until after you've put up with each other for almost three months.

How about a little sack time? I'm trying to keep this PG rated so you know what I mean right? That dance of the naked wilder beast usually happens after four dates. That would mean just two weeks from first date to tangled sheets. That means you can round the bases in about the time it takes to get a new washing machine shipped from Sears. I know I'm such a romantic.

Some other tidbits the survey brought to light : In the average relationship you'll meet the family in six weeks but you meet the friends after three weeks. The average time before you'll move in together is about 30 weeks or about two thirds of a year.

Good luck in your romantic endeavors. Just remember if you're only in it for the physical part of the relationship, always get your money  up front.

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