All eyes are on the Atlantic and Caribbean this morning trying to get a grasp on where Irma is going.  Especially on the heels of the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey last week.


Irma has strengthened since 8am and now is packing winds of 180 mph as of the 11am advisory.  The forecast models still showing it should take a sharp right turn on Sunday.

The National Weather Service (NOAA) has just upgraded Irma to a category 5 hurricane as of the 8:00 a.m. advisory.  Hurricane Irma is packing winds of a mind boggling 175 mph.  Winds of that speed can be catastrophic.

Irma is located at 16.7 North and 57.7 West moving West at 14 mph.  The forecast track for the next 5 days is shown above but NOAA and other forecasters are having trouble with the track outside the 5 day window.

Most spaghetti models show it making a drastic turn North and right into Florida.  Either way, all residents on the Gulf coast should keep an eye on this powerful storm until we see exactly where Irma decides to go.

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