Oliver Anthony blew up on social media and YouTube with his song, Rich Men North of Richmond. The song blew up on YouTube and as of today, it has over 93 million views on the video.

Three months ago, the video you will see below was posted and Oliver almost broke the internet as people heard the song and started sharing the video, posting about him, and even doing reviews of the song.

It vaulted him into the national spotlight where he was interviewed on television, asked to perform live at events, and more. He was humble through the process saying he was just going to take his time and let his newfound fame process for a bit before he decided which direction to go.

Well, it seems like Oliver Anthony has decided what direction to go now as he just announced that he was heading out on tour. The tour will be in 2024 and be called Out Of The Woods. It will start in February and go all the way through September of 2024. 

The tour will start overseas in Europe on February 1st, 2024 beginning in Sweden before he makes his way back to the United States his first U.S. date scheduled is in Nashville, Tennessee on February 21st.

We have learned that Oliver Anthony's tour will make one stop in Louisiana and that will be on March 8th, 2023 in Alexandria, Louisiana. For more information on how to get your tickets, you can check out his website at oliveranthonymusic.com. Here are all his tour dates so far in 2024 below.


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