There is actually an online petition to bring former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow back to Denver Broncos. I am serious.

The people that started this petition need to do their homework. John Elway was the one who sent Tebow away so WHY would he bring him back? John knows what he wants and it is NOT Tebow, right?

Ups of Tebow.
1.He can scramble.
2.He can run.

Downs of Tebow.
1.He can't pass.
2.He can't throw on the run.
3.He can't hold the pocket.
4.He can't 3 step pass.
5.He can't throw a screen.
6.He can't pump fake to sell the pass to open up the game for our running/halfbacks.
7.Because he can't do any of that he effectively eliminates 90 percent of the offensive weapons a team has.

Tebow seems like a really nice guy, unfortunately he's a one man show incapable of incorporating the rest of the offense into the game. For those reasons he's right where he needs to be and that is off the field and behind a booth.

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