Here's a random question for the first day of December:  How do you eat a candy cane?

Candycanes a favorite treat at Christmas time

The National Confectioners Association asked 1,500 Americans about their candy-cane-eating technique.  And the most popular way to eat them is straight end first.

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55% of us start by suckin' on the straight end of a candy cane, 28% go for the curved end first, and 17% said neither, they break it into pieces first.

73% of us prefer classic peppermint candy canes.  27% like other "fun" flavors.


You can get them in a lot of weird flavors now, including mac-and-cheesebaconhot dogspicklessardine-flavored candy canes, and even ones that are supposed to taste like possum.

The poll also asked about other types of holiday candy:  Our favorite foil-wrapped candies are chocolate Santas, chocolate coins, and chocolate snowmen.

Vote And Let Us Know How You Eat Your Candy Cane:


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