The Louisiana Public Service Commission approved Entergy Louisiana's "Future Ready Resilience Plan" on Friday, meaning customers in the state will be paying more on their bills over the next five years.

The vote was passed by a vote of three to two. Chairman Mike Francis broke a tie.

This is all part of a $1.9 billion grid improvement project that will start in 2025. Customers will see a monthly line-item charge on their bill for five years.

The following prices reflect what the "average" residential customer will be charged per month on this new monthly charge:

  • 2025: $0.57
  • 2026: $2.64
  • 2027: $5.41
  • 2028: $6.97
  • 2029: $7.19

These costs will be reflected on monthly bills as an individual resilience program rider starting at the end of this year or early next year.

What exactly is included in the $1.9 billion grid improvement project?

According to Entergy Louisiana, the plan aims to fortify electric infrastructure across the state, making the company's power grid and the communities that depend on it more resilient, while safeguarding Louisiana's economic well-being.

“Our resilience plan is a proactive approach that will help bring more of our electric infrastructure up to higher standards, keep pace with Mother Nature and protect what matters most—customers, homes and businesses within the communities we serve,” said Phillip May, Entergy Louisiana president and CEO.

Entergy Louisiana
Entergy Louisiana

There's a chance customers won't have to foot the entire bill.

Entergy also said it will continue to seek federal funding that would lower the cost for customers.

The company said it will provide quarterly monitoring and construction reports and be subject to an unprecedented pole performance metric.

If the new poles installed by the company do not withstand future storms as designed, bill credits would be provided to customers based on criteria that include failure percentages and pole material type.

For more information...

To learn more about this new monthly charge read Entergy Louisiana's press release here and follow along with the latest news at

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