Country superstar Morgan Wallen knows a thing or two about drinking. If you listen to almost any of his songs you'll find a subtle or not-so-subtle reference to "wetting the whistle" as we say "down south".  Sometimes Morgan's drinking has gotten him to trouble but with a new new product, he's lending his name to and is proudly supporting I don't think impairment will be a problem.

Morgan has joined forces with Ryl Tea to promote a product called Ryl Sweet Tea. The product is described as being an antioxidant-rich, zero-sugar, low-calorie alternative to traditional Southern sweet tea. The company, Ryl Tea has had the product in development for about six months and has teamed with Wallen, not only as an investor, but as an ambassador to promote the product.

The Ryl Sweet Tea will be offered in a variety of flavors including Peach, Lemon, "OG Green", and Raspberry. The product promises a great sweet tea flavor without the extra sugar and loads of artificial ingredients.

Wallen is currently on vocal rest on his current tour and is expected to return to the stage later this summer. You'll notice even in the promotional video from Instagram (above) Morgan doesn't say a word. But then again, if the tea is as good as it was on Mom's front porch, who needs to talk, right?

Ryl Sweet Tea is being rolled out to supermarkets and convenience stores across the nation. For those who can't wait to give it a try, you can order it online. But like a lot of Morgan Wallen's concerts, many of the drink flavors are sold out, or at least they were when we checked while researching this article.

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