Police are looking to the public for help as they investigate a fight that broke out at the end of a high school football playoff game between Jennings and Plaquemine last Friday night.

According to deputies with the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office, the fight began as players from both teams were shaking hands at the end of the game on Friday night (Nov. 11). Jennings beat Plaquemine 28-25 in the playoff game, but authorities are still working to get more information on the fight and collect as much as evidence as possible.

While there have been no major injuries reported, parents and eyewitnesses who attended the Jennings vs. Plaquemine playoff game described the harrowing scene that unfolded.

In a report from KPLC, Jeff Davis Parish Superintendent of Schools John G. Hall released the following statement on the incident.

Concerning the attack on our Jennings High School player and our sideline staff, I have contacted the superintendent of Iberville Parish and we are working closely to help with the investigation. We are working with the Iberville Sheriff’s department and providing them with our video, our investigation and any evidence from the altercation. LHSAA is also actively investigating the attack on our player and our sideline staff. We have already contacted LHSAA about the incident and have been communicating with them daily and will continue to work hand in hand with them as we await any disciplinary action once their investigation is concluded. We anticipate criminal charges may be forthcoming.

The LHSAA is also said to be investigating the incident along with local authorities.


As their investigation continues, IPSO deputies are asking anyone with video of the fight to contact them at 225-687-5100. Iberville Parish is working in conjunction with the Jennings Police Department to gather more information about the incident.

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We will update this developing story as more information is made available.

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