Football is back, and so are touchdown celebrations. Justin Jefferson, the former LSU standout and current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, is once again shaking up the NFL—this time, with some new dance moves to go with his iconic end zone celebration. The wideout has collaborated with 'Griddy' dance creator Allen 'Griddy' Davis to unveil new variations of the iconic "Griddy" dance for the 2023 football season.

The Same but Different

Die-hard Griddy fans, worry not. The fundamental aspects of the dance haven't changed. But Jefferson and Davis have added a sprinkle of innovation, introducing some dazzling new components to keep the "Griddy" movement fresh and vibrant.

Hitting the Runway with the Jet Plane

First up is the "Jet Plane," an homage to Jefferson's own nickname and Instagram handle. Those performing the new version can extend their arms as if they're an airplane coming in for a landing. Touchdown, anyone?

Minnesota Vikings, YouTube
Minnesota Vikings, YouTube

Roll the Dice with Monopoly

Next in the lineup is the "Monopoly," a playful twist where dancers incorporate a dice-rolling gesture. A perfect way to shake up your post-touchdown celebrations.

LAHGRIDDY, Instagram
LAHGRIDDY, Instagram

The LeBron Move Steals the Show

But the addition that's garnering the most excitement is undoubtedly "The LeBron." Named for NBA legend LeBron James, this move adds some basketball flair by mimicking King James's signature pregame ritual of tossing chalk powder into the air.

A slam dunk meeting a touchdown—what more could fans want?

A Dance Phenomenon

The "Griddy" dance began as a simple "pre-game turn up" in Landry Walker’s weight room in New Orleans three years ago, but thanks to Davis and a viral Snapchat post, it's now a full-blown phenomenon. Davis's #GetGriddy movement spread like wildfire, influencing high school and college athletes—including Jefferson himself—to adopt the dance as their go-to touchdown celebration.

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And for those unsure how to get their Griddy on, Davis has got you covered with how-to tutorials, such as this one: How to Griddy Tutorial.

Griddy Takes Over

From Reggie Ragland of the Detroit Lions to Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers, the Griddy dance has become the gold standard of touchdown celebrations.

Even celebrities like Chad Ochocinco have given it their stamp of approval, labeling it as "smooth as hell."


Look Out, End Zone!

With the 2023 NFL season upon us and college and high school football well underway, everyone is buzzing about which athletes will showcase these new "Griddy" moves in the end zone. Ready to dance or not, the Griddy wave continues to dominate touchdown celebrations across every level of football in America, and it's more infectious than ever.

So, whether you're a player looking to spice up your celebrations or a fan eager to join the dance craze, get ready to Get Griddy!

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