As the country waits nervously for the next move in this crazy game on the border in Texas, more fuel is headed for the fire and it's coming right through El Paso.

Tensions are high along the Texas border with Mexico as Governor Abbott and the Texas National Guard continue to play chicken with the White House and the US Border Patrol.

It's about to get even more interesting, and probably much more dangerous, as an "Army Of God", many of whom may be armed, approaches.

A convoy of trucker "patriots" calling themselves God's Army is bringing their "Take Our Border Back” convoy to the border in Texas. They're headed for rallies along the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, Yuma, Arizona, and San Ysidro, California which means some ... most probably ... will come through El Paso.

Recent squabbling between the Texas National Guard and the Border Patrol intensified interest in these guys and their crowdfunder on GiveSendGo pulled in $30,000 this week, bringing their total to $50,000 as of this morning. (1/26/24) UPDATE: $138,000 as of 1/30/24.

Truckers Convoy Stops In Maryland Before Heading Towards Nation's Capital
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Comments during a recent convoy planning call included things like:

  • This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God.”
  • We are besieged on all sides by dark forces of evil.”
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God"
  • "it is time for the remnant to rise.” explained "the remnant" as those described in the Book of Revelation as "the ones who remain faithful to Jesus Christ in times of crisis."

The "Army" may feel they're doing the right thing but the super tense, heavily armed men already engaged in this mess probably won't have much patience for anybody else sticking their noses in.

Not to mention all the others involved, somehow, in this issue. Seriously, this could get ugly.


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