Jana Kramer is celebrating her newfound freedom on the sixth anniversary of her marriage to her estranged husband, Mike Caussin. In a post to social media on Saturday (May 22), the actress and country singer says "the weight has been lifted."

"Free. And not looking back," Kramer writes to accompany a photo of herself in a bikini on a boat overlooking a sparkling blue harbor and palm-tree-dotted beach. She is lifting her arms to the sky in the picture.

"I thought not celebrating 6 years today would feel heavy and sad....and though there is sadness in the broken, there is more joy, happiness, freedom and self love than I’ve ever experienced," she adds. "The weight has been lifted and I welcome the unknown, because there is so much beauty in what’s next. Find your strength and set yourself free..."

Kramer does not identify where the photo was taken in her post, but a previous posting to Instagram reveals that she has been spending time in Miami recently.

Kramer married Caussin on May 22, 2015, in Charlottesville, Va. They welcomed their first child, daughter Jolie Rae, in January of 2016, and separated shortly afterward after Caussin was reportedly unfaithful to his new wife with multiple women. He sought treatment for sex addiction, and the couple later reconciled and welcomed a son, Jace Joseph, in November of 2018.

The couple shared their struggles openly via their Whine Down podcast, as well as in a relationship book they wrote together. Kramer revealed that she was filing for divorce on April 21, and she accuses Caussin of adultery in her legal filing.

On May 19, People reported that Kramer will pay Caussin, a former NFL tight end, $592,400 as part of their settlement, and she will retain their home, while he will receive some furniture, fitness equipment and his truck. Neither will pay the other alimony, and each of the spouses will pay their own attorney fees. Custody arrangements for their children have not been disclosed, but Kramer is seeking primary custody.

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