If you're a fan of the Duck Dynasty TV show, then you know they are an extremely close family.  In fact, they all live on the same street they call "Robertson Row". Well, until now.

Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica told listeners of their podcast that they have moved to Austin, TX to pursue Jep's dream of owning and operating a food truck.  Their truck is called Jep's Southern Roots.


"We have officially moved to Austin, Texas," Jep told the listeners.

"The seed to be planted for moving here started about ten years ago," Jessica chimed in. "We fell in love with the Texas area. Gradually, we started doing more and more here. The past five years we've really made a lot of friends in Austin."

After Duck Dynasty and their spinoff reality series, "Jep and Jessica: Growing The Dynasty" ended, they wondered what would be best for their family.

Jessica revealed,

"God has planted those people in our lives over the past five years to know the transition to leaving because we're not leaving family, yes we are leaving the neighborhood and selling our house, but we're going back so often. Kay's already booked trips here to see us."

Austin has a booming food industry, especially in the food truck niche, so that's why they chose it as their new destination.

Their food looks absolutely delicious, I bet they will make a killing!  I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but dang, I need some Jep's Southern Roots in my life!

You can check out his food truck's website here.

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