A child molestation case that is still on going across several states may have come a little closer to resolution yesterday. A judge in California confirmed the identity of the man arrested for an alleged case of a sex crime against a juvenile in Rapides Parish.  The man, Frank Selas, was the former host of a children's television show broadcast from Monroe in the late 1970's.

Selas had disputed claims by arresting officers in San Diego in regards to his actual identity. Yesterday a California judge ruled against Selas and this has opened the door for extradition back to Rapides Parish. Lt. Tommy Carnline with the Rapides Parish Sheriffs Department told the Louisiana Radio Network.

If he waves extradition, it’ll be pretty simple we’ll just extradite him back to Louisiana. If he fights extradition then we’ll have to go through a proceeding called a governor’s warrant.

Carnline says that law enforcement in Rapides Parish is anxious to get Selas back to Louisiana. There could possibly be more victims that will come forward as the investigation into Selas alleged activities with children continues.

We knew it was him and we’re just very pleased. This is just one more step to bringing people just who have been needing justice for the last 37 years.


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