Jupiter, Venus and Mars, oh my!

This morning might have been one of the coolest mornings I have ever experienced! I'm kind of an astronomy nerd, so the fact that I got to see three planets, clearly, today was absolutely amazing. Oh and not only did I see Jupiter, Venus and Mars, but I saw a flipping shooting star! Actually, I believe the correct term is "fireball", the Taurid Fireball to be exact.

I drive to work pretty early, and as I was pulling out of my neighborhood at 3 a.m. I noticed a weird flash of falling light, which directed my attention to the really bright, oddly placed, stars under the Moon. I immediately made a wish, because I'm pretty sure that's a must-do if you see something that even resembles a falling star. Ugh, and unfortunately my wish was a waste, because it was so spur of the moment that I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "pizza" I actually screamed "pizza" at the sky this morning. After I got over my failed attempt at wishing I started really focusing on how gorgeous the early morning sky was looking and I needed answers. So, I pulled over and googled "low stars in the sky", and to my surprise the first thing to pop up was a post on EarthSky.org about the position on Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the early morning sky during the first week of November. And with a little more browsing I noticed a few pictures of shooting stars dated November 5th and realized "HOLY MOLEY I REALLY DID SEE A SHOOTING STAR!"

So, now that I have sufficiently geeked out and done my "I saw a shooting star" dance, I think it's only fair that you guys get to check out what I'm talking about. For more info and pictures on the early morning planet sightings head over to EarthSky.org or take a peek of some pics at their Instagram. And you can check out when and where to look for the Taurid Fireballs, but if you see one please make a better wish than "pizza".

[via EarthSky]