Kellie Pickler is a true crusader in the fight against breast cancer. Not only did the singer shave her head in a show of solidarity with her friend who is battling the disease and undergoing treatment, which results in hair loss, but the singer also dyed her hair hot pink to show her continued support of breast cancer awareness.

Pickler shared news of of her hot pink buzz cut on Twitter. "I'm thinking WE SHOULD ALL ROCK PINK HAIR 2NITE @HRCNashville for my #BreastCancerAwareness show!! I AM!!" she tweeted before her Hard Rock awareness show last week.

Sure enough, she showed up with pink hair, and she looks like quite the punk rocker. We love this look on Pickler, known for her pretty blonde locks, because it shows how huge her heart is and how committed she is to the cause. She isn't just paying lip service with a pink ribbon or flapping her gums. She is actually going above and beyond, doing big, bold -- and in this case, bright pink things -- to shed light on an issue that effects all women.

Her actions are getting people talking, and that is the most important thing of all when it comes to creating awareness for the issue of breast cancer. Nice going, Kellie. You are a true BCA warrior! The cause is lucky to have you in its corner.

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