Yes, I admit I have one of the BEST jobs of the world. Not only do I get to be silly every weekday afternoon on Gator, but when I get the opportunity to travel anywhere over the weekend... I get to share about it right here.

Yesterday, I took the dog and pony show on the road. Our destination? West Monroe, the home of Buck/Duck Commander.

West Monroe is a 3.5 hour trip from our neck of the woods (Lake Charles) and by the time we arrived at our destination, the first stop was Willie's Duck Diner for lunch.

I didn't get "punked" but I ate a REALLY good ribeye. Willie's is located in a shopping center and seems like it holds it's own when it comes to business. It's in the middle of a few established restaurants.

Next was a stop at the Buck Commander/ Duck Commander warehouse.

Tell you what, for a nasty, cold Saturday... there was a nice size crowd in attendence. The only letdown with the gift shop is that they stuggle keeping popular Duck Dynasty shirts in stock. I wear a XXL in shirts. One of the popular shirts is the "Fear the Beard" one. The only size available was large. When asking if the store simply had the requested size in the back, a girl at checkout tells me what i see out on display is what is available.

What? Ughhhh

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